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  • 1. Global affiliations through our national and international marketing partners allow me to distribute your home and all its pertinent marketing material all over the world.

     2. The largest listing syndication network in the USA that drive your listing to dozens of the most trafficked websites in the world that include: Google, Oodle, CraigsList,, Trulia, Zillow, Homefinder and many others.

     3. We are Full time Sales Associate, experienced and well versed in our local market.

     4. We possess a deeper knowledge of local conditions that enhance my ability to price your home accurately and negotiate tenaciously on your behalf.

    5. Leading Edge analytical tools to get your home accurately priced to sell.

    6. Exclusive Text-on-Demand technology tailored to deliver information about your home to the new ultra-connected consumer.

    7. Proprietary MyLife Home Search Tools - allowing your home to be marketed using our unique lifestyle based Real Estate Search.

    8. Our Avery-Hess technology lab is dedicated to staying on the leading edge of innovation to market your property and get it sold.

    9. iPhone and Google Search Apps that allow your home to be marketed and promoted in our increasingly mobile environment.

     10. Customized marketing materials to highlight and promote your home in print, regional and commuter publications.

    Call us today at 703.401.3073 to learn more about the listing process and get started »


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    Licensed in VA
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